A Robocalyptic Manifesto: Techno-Politics for Liberation | PAULA GAETANO ADI
A Robocalyptic Manifesto: Techno-Politics for Liberation

Video essay / Single-channel HD video
12 minutes, color, sound


A Robocalyptic Manifesto: Techno-Politics for Liberation is a video essay and an urgent call to endorse a robot general strike to overthrow the instrumental definition of both technology and humans and to think of robots as our comrades in the fight for repairing our world. The visual manifesto is a speculative proposition to imagine a different robotic apocalypse as our ultimate opportunity to liberate the robot from the imperial models of humanity and to unlearn the racial and exploitative imperialisms performed by modern robotic and AI technologies.

Fusing archival and found footage material, animation, composite imagery, and first-person voice-over, the video is divided in three acts: (I) Robots on Strike: Robocalypses Reenacted; (II) Robots beyond Instrumentality: Humanity Reconquered, and (III) Robots in the Pluriverse: Animism reloaded. Seen together, all three acts touch on the central political challenges and ethico-aesthetic needs of our time –vis-à-vis the decolonization of the machine and the rehearsal of an act of radical imagination that that reclaims pre-colonial ontologies, epistemologies, and technologies of non-destructive modes of life. A future-oriented declaration, both humorous and utterly serious, the Robocalyptic Manifesto calls to inaugurate new conceptions of intelligence and life beyond the imaginary worlds proposed by western mythology, Hollywood cinema, and techno-patriarchal sci-fi and to make techno-poetic robots that simultaneously resist the unmaking of the planet and illuminate ways out of our planetary multi-crisis.