Autonomous Robotic Agent (2006/07)
60cm diameter x 30cm high
Media: latex, plastic hoses, water pumps, custom electronics


Alexitimia (from the Greek) 
a=prefix meaning “lack”,
lexis =”word” 
thymos=”feelings or emotions”

Alexitimia is an autonomous robotic agent whose behavior is analogous to the process of perspiration of the human skin. Created with an organic appearance made with soft and flexible materials this “alexithymic” robot was designed as an irregular semi-sphere that remains immobile in the exhibition room.

This robot cannot move around, it cannot see, cannot emit sounds, and also, it cannot detect voices; however, it can interact with the spectators through its body. With the intention of showing a holistic approach to the hardware/software dichotomy; this robot, without any anthropomorphic (or robotic) appearance, interacts and communicates with the environment by only a tactile way of perception. Therefore, using it’s “artificial skin” as an interface, the corporeal scheme of this robot begins to sweat when somebody (a viewer) touches it.