Autonomous Robotic Agent (2009)
60cm diameter x 35cm
Media: silicon, pigments, fan, custom mechanics and electronics


Breath / Soul / Mind 
Animal /Animalis 
— Animism —
but also, the feminine inner personality of the male unconscious

Anima is an autonomous robotic agent with only one corporal behavior based on its interaction with the viewers. When a human/viewer gets close to Anima, its body swells; Anima starts to exhale and inhale as if it were out of breath – or as if it were full of it. Gradually, the only orifice, a small hole on one side of its body, starts to dilate. The orifice opens and closes by the rhythm of its breathing; Anima begins to breathe out dry air over the humans.

Anima is, above all, a breathing robot, a breathing machine. This artificial life form was created to promote a corporal “inter-species encounter”, to challenge the disembodied cybernetic tradition, and also, to avoid the practical, rational and utilitarian bodily “calculations” of the human/viewers; for that reason, three conceptual premises guided its development: a non-linguistic embodied communication, non-anthropomorphic sensibility, and non-teleological, non-purposive approach to interactivity.