Becoming Anomal | PAULA GAETANO ADI
Becoming Anomal

Performance/Installation (2008)
Variable dimensions and duration
Media: latex gloves, mask, fabric, 23 fur balls, custom electronics


Neither this nor that, but both, or something in between.
Or I should say: anomal=anomalous but anomal≠abnormal
And also, Becoming NOT Being
And also, Anomal not Animal -but animal and anomaly?
…Onto my body, from my body, to the body.

Becoming Anomal
is an installation conformed of a prosthetic belly (or bag) and 23 fur balls which resided in the gallery space as the result of an enactment (performance).
The fur balls remained inside the bag which was hanged from the wall; during the performance, the artist silently attached the artificial belly/bag to her own body, one by one she took the balls out and placed them sporadically on the ground. After the action, the artist hanged again the empty bag and the gloves on the wall.

Out of the 25 balls, 3 of them have a subtle movement. At times they move around the space; at times they stay in the same place shaking their bodies; at times they follow another ball. Their movements are always random, repetitive and unpredictable.