Desiring-Machine I (y/o la reencarnación femenina de Sísifo) | PAULA GAETANO ADI
Desiring-Machine I (y/o la reencarnación femenina de Sísifo)

Multimedia Installation – Performance (2010)
14ft. long x 4ft.wide x 9ft.high – Variable Duration
Media: steel, fabrics, silicon hose, milk, motor, milk container


“In a desiring-machine everything functions at the same time, but amid hiatuses and ruptures, breakdowns and failures, stalling and short-cuts, distances and fragmentations, within a sum that never succeeds in bringing its various part together so as to form a whole,” Deleuze and Guattari.

This is not nihilism.
My own sentence to this milk machine is either a paradox or an absurdity.

I have created a simple machine to transport milk. On one side of the machine there is a small space I made with cloth curtains. On the other side, the milk is leaking outside the machine from the end of a small plastic tube that is being driven by a cam mechanism. There I am: trying to hold that milk with the dress I have attached to my own wrists. I try to hold as much milk as I can; then, I go, I enter to a small curtain space, and I pour the milk back to its origin