Desiring-Machine II (pique de carbón) | PAULA GAETANO ADI
Desiring-Machine II (pique de carbón)

Multimedia Installation – Performance (2012)
19ft. L x 10ft.H minimum x 4ft. D
Media: ac motor, wood, powdered coal, fabrics


“The end is in the beginning and yet you go on”, Samuel Beckett

Desiring-Machine II (pique de carbón) is an installation composed by a vertical custom-made conveyor machine, coal powder, and a pair of saddlebags wore by the artist.  In a quite monotonous and enduring activity, the piece enacts the trajectory of some powder coal that its been carried by the conveyor machine from the ceiling of the gallery (where the performer is sitting) to the ground.

During the show, the performer attempts to fill over and over again the containers with the coal that then will be poured into a pit. Once the artist runs out of coal in her saddlebags, she climbs down, pour more coal into her saddlebags, climbs up again to her seat, and re-starts the action.