Mestizo Robotics | PAULA GAETANO ADI
Mestizo Robotics

In collaboration with Gustavo Crembil
Distributed Robotic Installation (2014/on-going)
Variable materials and dimensions

Mestizo Robotics
is an art project comprised by community of autonomous robotic agents distributed throughout Latin America. The project was conceived with the purpose of designing tactics for understanding how technology is embodied and assimilated in Latin America, but also to envision the emergence of a situated, embodied, and enactive paradigm for the creation of artificial life forms.

Employing a combination of high-and-low technologies Mestizo Robotics is an artistic attempt to deconstruct the system of art, crafts, and technologies upon which the modern/colonial world was built, and to restore different decolonial local histories, designs, and materialities. The goal is to “decolonize robotics” and to better understand how ideas about difference are also enacted and distributed in the performance of technoscience.

Mestizo Robotics was conceived by architect Gustavo Crembil and artist Paula Gaetano Adi as an open platform for adaptations and negotiations of  western technologies to the local knowledges and resources of different Latin-American makers. The project is a hybrid, conceived  with the purpose of creating the first authentic community of ‘mestizo robots’, but also is an open-call to other artists, designers, and enthusiasts living and working in Latin America to make their own mestizo technocreatures.